Sarcastic Illustrations That Reveals The True Nature Of Society

History has seen that everything has changed not only for good but to worse. As the ecosystem is harmed, human society has enslaved the smartphones and social network. Everything is online on the internet and even though it is much easier to get information, you don’t know how much is good and how much is bad. Everything that we get to see online has its pros and cons. Technology’s advancement has taken human society to another level. The humankind has to take up a step towards the betterment of nature.

Drained all the goodness

Now that people are aware that the poor need attention, rich people made it their business out of it, showing that they are helping the poor, for namesake while stealing their money by other means.

We always wish for the things we don’t have

Everyone wishes for something that they don’t already have, while they try to get that they forget what they already have. And then only regret that they didn’t appreciate it while it was there with them.

Trying to find love

Cheating is something too harsh thing to let go. While the other person, the partner is out having fun, the significant other makes her time pass, finding for another love.

Watering the Brain Tree

When you realize that the only thing that matters is your ideas and your evolution of intelligence, you try to spend more time to enhance that rather than wasting time on less important things like social media.

Shaping the minds

Today’s reality is just too weird to understand. They make you do things in the name of the book and build your minds by pressuring all the things that they want from you.

Social Media Speaks

People announce things on social media like Facebook and they literally say out things that are random and not really anyone’s business. Social media is a good platform to share awareness about things rather than wasting time.

The confused minds

We often travel places to find peace. There are many things that we need answers to and we need a mentor to get the proper guide to show the right path to walk on towards peace.

Money is everything

Our ideas, minds, eyes, mouth and ears are all shut with the money that the rich throw and the truth just go unseen, unsaid, unheard.

Republished from: theemergingindia.