Rehabilitating a Cannabis-Infused Rodent

Rodent Troubles on the Farm
For farmers, rodents are a constant nuisance, threatening crops and potentially spreading disease. But one field in New Brunswick, Canada, encountered an unexpected intruder amidst its cannabis plants. In a legal cannabis farm, a mouse was discovered among the foliage, sprawled on its back, seemingly “stoned” and unconscious.

The Unlikely Culprit: A Tiny Stoner
Colin Sullivan, the farm owner, noticed the small rodent helping itself to leaves from his plants for two consecutive days. Captured images captured the mouse munching away before succumbing to the effects. Sullivan found the little creature nestled in a heap of leaves, completely incapacitated.

A Mouse in Rehab
Determined to help the mouse recover, Sullivan placed it in a cage to “detox.” After six days of rest and recuperation, the mouse regained its vitality and was released back into the wild.

Sullivan’s Social Media Saga
Sullivan took to Facebook to share the amusing ordeal, jokingly referring to the mouse as a “pothead” and humorously documenting its journey to sobriety. His posts garnered widespread attention and laughs from social media users.

From Addiction to Recovery
Several days later, the mouse was declared sober and set free, marking the end of its rehabilitation journey. Sullivan’s posts celebrating the mouse’s recovery resonated with many, attracting thousands of shares and comments filled with supportive messages and jokes.

Beyond the Mouse: A Message of Hope
Amidst the mouse saga, Sullivan also shared a heartfelt tribute to his wife and his own journey to sobriety, receiving an outpouring of support from his online community.

Cannabis Legislation in New Brunswick
The incident occurred in New Brunswick, where cannabis has been legal since 2018. The province maintains strict regulations around cannabis consumption and distribution, emphasizing public health education and responsible use.

Informed Decision-Making
The government of New Brunswick emphasizes the importance of understanding the risks associated with cannabis use to make informed decisions. With regulations in place, the province aims to foster a culture of responsible cannabis consumption while capitalizing on the economic opportunities presented by the industry.