Puppy Goes Out Alone Every Day To Visit The Grave Of His Best Friend

For 7 very happy years, a dog named Fulmine shared his life with his human named Leonardo, who is the father of Sara Sechi. The two were great friends and lived in the interior of Italy.

Their friendship was beautiful to see, you could clearly see how much they liked each other. “They were very affectionate,” said Sara to The Dodo. “They were always hugging each other.”

Unfortunately, the weather was not in their favor, as Leonardo was facing a fight against a disease and unfortunately he passed away. He leaves his great friend Fulmine, but the love between them is still very much alive.


While Leonardo was in the hospital, the family took care of the puppy Fulmine, where they saw how much the puppy was missing his best friend.

“Every time a car approached, Fulmine would run to the gate if it were my father,” said Sara. Even after Leonardo was buried, the dog never stopped looking for him. And then he finally found him.


The day after Leonardo’s funeral, Sara and her son went to the cemetery to take flowers to his grave. And when they arrived, they were surprised to find that someone else (in this case a little animal) was there to visit him too.


It was the little dog Fulmine.

Incredibly, Fulmine had walked almost 3 km from his home, alone, arriving at the place where Leonardo was buried.

He seemed to understand that Leonardo, whom he had not seen for weeks, was now there.


“I didn’t expect to meet you there,” said Sara. “He hadn’t been to the funeral. I have no idea how he knew where to go. “

The puppy finally managed to find his human, if only in spirit.

Most impressive that day was not the last day he visited his human. In the other weeks the neighbors reported seeing the puppy coming and going from the cemetery to visit his best friend who had passed away. “We think he goes there every day,” said Sara.


However, how the little dog Fulmine knew where to find Leonardo remains a mystery.

“I like to think that he is guided by his love for my father. Or that my father took him there, “said Sara.” It is one of those strange things without a real explanation. “

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