Prince Of Dubai Owns These Rare And Expensive Things

There are a lot of royalties in the world right now. But seldom will you come across people as royal as in Gulf. Their lifestyle is noteworthy and can easily water the mouths of humans all around. Here’s a list of some priceless things owned by the Prince of Dubai.

The Python-Water Car

The man is known to be extremely luxurious only when he makes himself a proud owner of some stunning luxury cars. And when you belong to a Royal family, you get all the more reasons to buy few.

Dubai Prince is known to be a major car lover. Infact, he also has amphibious cars, The Python which has a speed of 80mph on land and 45mph on water. Stunning, right?

Palm Jumeirah-Zabeel Saray

If you do not own a luxurious property, are you even a prince? Not really! Out of all the properties that this prince owns, Zabeel Saray is the most beautiful Hotel.

Rumors suggest that this hotel is one of the most expensive hotels ever built in the world with the building cost ranging around $12 billion.

The Most Expensive Horse

You might know people who own the most expensive car but how about owning the most expensive horse? Yes, your gracious owns that as well! He bought two horses each worth $1.8 million. Only if I had this amount of money!

Bugatti Veyron


Just look at the picture. Do we need to say something else? How good does this look? Yes, money can buy almost all the gorgeous looking things in this world.

Complete Tank Fleet

With money comes a lot of dangers. The world starts seeming like your enemy. Not really! But royal families need great protection. And our Dubai prince satisfies that need with the entire fleet of Ripsaw tanks.

Some More Private Stuff

Understand one thing about the Prince of Dubai. He is a thriller seeker, an animal, and an extremely hot bachelor with a lot of money in his bank account. Now there’s more stuff that is far away from our reach!

The Most Expensive Camel

One of the richest Prince in the world also own the most expensive Camel in the world along with the most expensive horse as well! This one costs around around $2.7 million!