Personality test: the animal you see first reveals how you relate to the world

A colourful personality test with many animals, each of which reveals something more about our personality. What do you see first in this picture? Answer the question and you will discover a hidden side of your character.

A nice test: it only takes a few minutes to do it. As we always reiterate, the tests do not have the absolute truth in their pockets, they are simple games and should be taken as such.

Take two minutes of your time and start the test. Which animal do you see first? After the image, you will find the solutions.

03. Duck


If the first animal you saw is the zebra, it means that you are a funny and charismatic person. You are very active and spontaneous and for this, you are able to involve people. In short, you are a company because your communication skills are unbeatable, but you tend to get bored often. You need to change to always feel on the crest of the wave.


If you have seen the cat first, you are someone who does not like small talk and basically seems shy. You actually prefer to observe and analyze the situation before intervening. You honestly don’t care what people around you think of you. You lead your life: you are independent and self-sufficient.


If you’ve seen a duck before, you are 100% optimistic and absolutely nothing can make you feel down. For you the glass is not half full or half empty, it is always overflowing. Live every moment as if it were the last and enjoy life. You enjoy exploring new places, learning new skills and your curiosity has absolutely no limits.


If the first animal you saw is the koala, it means that you are a calm and sensitive person. You never get upset, no matter what happens: you are kind, sensitive, caring. You don’t particularly like big parties, you prefer a good movie or a book. You are selfless, you know how to help others and you don’t expect anything in return.


If you have seen the elephant, it means that you are very sincere and you care deeply about everything around you. You are loyal, responsible, and your family and friends can always count on you. If they need help, they know you’re there, but don’t just listen – solve problems!


If you have noticed the bear before, you are very logical, conservative and traditionalist and with sound values. You are calm and attentive, you do not like noisy or crowded companies and you always seek harmony. You are very sensitive, thoughtful and diplomatic. You believe in the rules and decisions made in a hurry are definitely not your style.


If the giraffe is the first animal you’ve seen, you are a sociable person and a born cheerleader. You are very flexible, you can adapt to any group because you love to talk. You are also very accommodating and down to earth. You don’t like routine and that’s why you often change jobs or hobbies.


If you saw the pig first, you are very independent and work best alone. You have a very sharp mind, you pay attention to details, you have a lot of memory and your exceptional analytical skills could make you very efficient in everything related to any type of investigation. While you can’t be called an extrovert, you get along very well with people.


If you have seen the rabbit, you are very creative, full of energy and contagiously happy. Wherever you go, you always bring laughter and joy and everyone wants to be your friend. You are not superficial at all, in fact very caring, empathetic, and you like to see people laugh. But sometimes you need a break too.


If you have seen the lion, you are a born leader. You know how to get people to follow you to achieve a goal, but sometimes you can have a tendency to be dominant. You are not afraid of challenges, you are very competitive and have extraordinary strategic skills.


If the first animal you saw is the owl, you are a very analytical and profound person. You like to feel comfortable, to have everything well organized and in order because any chaotic situation irritates you. You are a perfectionist and sometimes you expect the same from others.