People Went Underground And Have Been Living In A Cave For Over 100 Years

It is generally accepted that for a full life, a person needs an open sky over his head. People from the underground city don’t think so: the whole settlement went into caves in the middle of the desert 100 years ago.

Coober Pedy is located in the central part of the Australian state of South Australia. The first settlers came here in pursuit of opals – as it turned out, 30% of all opals in the world are concentrated here.

But living and working in the middle of the desert turned out to be not so easy. High daytime temperatures and sandstorms literally drove people underground. The entrances to the mine went directly from the underground houses.

By the way, they were no different from average houses throughout Australia. Bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms are like people.

The settlement still feels great today. The latest census showed that there are now 1,700 people living in Coober Pedy. Everything is the same underground.