Parents Organized A Yes Day And Showed What To Expect If You Agree To All The Requests And Wishes Of The Children

The imagination and playfulness of children are truly limitless, so parents often have to cool their ardor and say the word “no”. But have you ever thought about what your day will be like if you never refuse all the offers and adventures of children?

Husband and wife Hannah and James Simonson from South Wales decided to conduct an experiment under which they agree to everything that their children will offer and ask for in one day. It would seem that there is nothing complicated, just answer “yes”, but the conditions of the game are simple only at first glance. Mom Hanna told about how the “yes” day went in the Simons family in the Facebook * group “FAMILY LOCKDOWN TIPS & IDEAS”.

The Simonson family decided to conduct, as it turned out, a difficult but fascinating experiment.

Hannah Simonson

It all started with the fact that Hannah and her husband James decided to watch the comedy “Yes Day”, according to the plot in which parents agree to any proposal from their children within one day. The couple, without thinking twice, decided to repeat the experiment and proclaimed April 12 as the day “yes” in their family.

Of course, the parents set rules so that the day of “yes” passed without excesses for all family members:
1) Nothing dangerous (we wanted to survive this day);
2) The consequences of any trick could last only a day;
3) Pre-negotiated budget;
4) Have fun!
Just do it! Don’t think! Let them do everything! You won’t regret…. too long, Hanna shared her advice.

Children decided to make their parents make up – YES!

Hannah Simonson

The children of Hannah and James turned out to be those merry fellows! To begin with, they decided to make up their parents: mom got lipstick, thick black eyebrows, and even a beard, and dad got off with red lipstick and a small pattern on his face.

Then the children chose outfits for their parents – also YES!

Hannah Simonson

Dad got a bra over clothes, and mom got men’s bicycles, but it was impossible to refuse.

Then the children decided to have breakfast at McDonald’s – and again YES!

Hannah Simonson

It was in this form that the parents had to go for breakfast, and then go to the gas station.

The most difficult test, according to Hannah, was visiting the playground.

Hannah Simonson

The parents on the playground kept their kids away from the two weird people in our face, Hannah shared.

Despite the fact that this experience was definitely not easy, Hanna admitted that she was satisfied with the experiment and suggested that other parents decide on this adventure.

Our children have had to say “no” so many times during the lockdown: not to meet with family, not to see friends, not to go to entertainment centers, so it’s time to say “YES” to them, said the mother of the family.

Would you like to undertake such an experiment?