One Second Before! Amazing Faces With A Strong Blow (Photo)

Sometimes it is possible to catch the moment when the fighters, in just a split second, practically anticipating the strongest blow in their lives, make such amazing faces that everything is revealed in expressions in an instant, it is immediately clear that now something will happen that will make someone It really hurts, but it’s a sport. In this compilation, I will show you the brightest moments of the fighters before the knockout!

Frankie Edgar

Former UFC champion Frankie Edgar looked almost unrecognizable after opponent Marlon Vera landed a devastating kick on him and won the fight.

Ronda Rousey

You can shout as much as you like that women’s fights are a separate type, a special genre that generally lies somewhere outside of sports, but try to explain this to those who filled the 50,000-seat stadium in Melbourne in anticipation of a show where both main fights were with women. Ronda Rousey lost for the first time after receiving a completely killer head kick from Holly Holm.

Karolina Kowalkiewicz

Former UFC title contender Karolina Kowalkiewicz suffered a crushing defeat in a duel against Yan Xiaonian. A Chinese woman who did everything she wanted with her rival in the octagon, breaking a Polish woman in a standing position.

Tony Ferguson

Michael Chandler knocked out Tony Ferguson at UFC 274. After the fight, a photo of Tony’s face at the moment of the knockout went viral on social networks – just look at it.

Roosevelt Roberts

Perhaps the audience was able to see the best knockout of 2021, which was performed on the preliminary card by the Chilean Ignacio Bahamondes. His fight against the American Roosevelt Roberts was coming to an end and the Chilean won on points. But with ten seconds left, Bahamondes decided to deliver a spectacular kick that landed right on target.