Old Man In Yellow Sneaks Up And Starts Dancing. The Crowd Is Left Mesmerized By His Moves

Boogie-woogie is one of the most famous Dance styles and it gives away very fun and energetic vibes. But this couple gave it new energy when they performed in the gala event at the Horn dance school in Austria, Dietmar and Nellie. They were having fun while they were dancing which impressed the audience. The crowd was left mesmerized with their dance moves alone.

German couple

The elderly German couple dances the boogie routine in the most dynamic way and the crowd starts cheering them during this Gala event in Austria. Everyone around them taped their performance that amazing them.

Dance school in Austria

The Dance school in Linz Austria was started by the Horn family 111 years ago. They are among the famous dancing schools in Austria and Europe. They teach Viennese waltz, Slow Waltz, Foxtrot, Boogie, Cha Cha Cha, Rumba and Samba for beginners.

Dietmar and Nellie

This couple has been married since 1970. Dietmar and Nellie have been professionally teaching for more than 30 years now. They have also won several Dance competitions and in this dance routine, they took boogie-woogie to another level.

Youthful performance

The old couple were performing so well, the youngsters were standing there looking at them in awe and felt the youthfulness while looking at them dancing.

The Video

The video below is proof that age is just a number and if you are young at heart, you will forever, live happily. This couple proves that dancing is for all age groups, and not only for the youngsters.