Neuroscientists Suggest Women To Pay Attention To How Much They Sleep

Sleeping is very important for our overall health. A balanced sleep is helping us for our health, our energy throughout the day and we feel happy throughout the day when we have slept just enough that the body needs to. Sleep deprivation causes anxiety, depression, our overall health is lowering and we feel cranky throughout the day, but that also happens with oversleeping.

Men and women naturally have differences in their sleep hours, but it’s a well known fact that we need around 8 hours of sleep, but some researchers say something else. The new researchers say that 8 hours of sleep are not enough for us, and since women have more brain activity than men, women need to sleep longer.

The “extra beauty sleep” is very real, and women need more than 8 hours to completely rest. Add two hours more, and you’re done. These are the benefits of sleeping:

1. Better Memory

When we’re asleep our memory improves and we can memorize things way better if we learn before we go to sleep, and after waking up, repeat what we’ve learned before we went to sleep. Instant memory boost.

2. Improved Creativity

Before you take your paintbrush or start to write, take a good sleep. Scientists say that when we sleep our emotional components of memory get stronger, and that may result in better creativity.

3. Choose To Be A Winner

If you are an athlete or you are involved into sports, you know how important it is for the body to get a good sleep. A study conducted by the University of Stanford acknowledged that the football players got improved by over 50% when they decided to sleep 10 hours per night for around 7 weeks. The body improves, gets stronger, they are more concentrated on the play and feel rested and boosted with energy.

4. Better Attention

You cannot concentrate or be attentive if you spent the night on your phone texting and looking at memes. Sleeping is crucial for the brain activity to work properly, every part of the body needs rest, and your eyes too. A good cycle of sleeping helps you improve yourself with better attention.

5. Healthy Body

We all know how important sleep for the body is. Those people that like to go on a diet will have to plan their perfect bedtime in order to gain muscles or lose weight. According to researchers from the University of Chicago, people who have a proper rest lose more fat. Also when we feel sleepy our hormones are giving us signals to eat more food at night, which also means getting fat.

6. Decreased Stress

Stress and sleep affect our cardiovascular health, but getting a longer sleep helps us to rest and lower the levels of stress which affect our overall health. Insufficient sleep will lead us to many other health consequences, this count also the nervous system. Our stress increases when we are in deficit of sleep, if you can’t rest properly or have difficulties with sleeping, you should better consult your doctor.

This article was originally published on Mindwaft