Mysterious Creature Unearthed In A Siberian Diamond Mine

Siberian miners accidentally dug up a mummy of a mammal unknown to science in the diamond-bearing sands. Skeptics, however, suggested that the workers stumbled upon the remains of a young wolverine, and time itself gave the mummy its deformed appearance.

The creature, in fact, is somewhat reminiscent of a representative of the weasel family. The elongated skull and large fangs speak of the deceased creature’s predatory disposition. At the same time, scientists have not yet encountered a very long body and short, powerful paws in nature.

Until the end of the week, the mummy will be taken for research in the regional center of Yakutsk. Then, if the assumption of a new species is confirmed, the remains will be transported to a Moscow laboratory.

A strange beast was found at the Udachnaya mine (Mirninsky district, Republic of Sakha). This area is famous for its diamond-containing sands, which date back to the Mesozoic era – that is, in front of us, there may be the remains of a creature that lived 200 million years ago.

H/T Science Alert