Muslim Dad’s Reply To His Daughter’s Removal Of Her Traditional Hijab Will Win Everyone’s Heart

A traditional hijab that indicates the culture of a Muslim people who make their women wear this hijab every time they step out of their house. There are many rules and regulation for every Muslim woman and if you are living Saudi Arabia they won’t even let any women drive a car. But here is the beautiful story of a Muslim girl whose one question made us curious but her dad’s reply shut all trollers.

Muslim Tradition

We are living in a world were people are from a different religion, caste, and creed but the one that follows the traditions very strongly and deeply is the Muslims who believe in following their faith. Their faith in God is so strong that they also put a restriction on their women regarding covered clothes and traditional hijab. They allow their women to step out wearing hijab that represents their tradition and if not then they will have to face the consequences. But here is the beautiful story of father and daughter who broke the traditional stereotype which will win many people’s heart.

A High School Student

A 17-year-old girl name Lamyaa is a high school student who lives in Pennsylvania. She is a Muslim girl who wears a traditional hijab as required by her Muslim Faith. She recently participated in a group chat with some of her school friends where they had a subject regarding president Donald Trump. Lamyaa was literally against the presidency of Donald trump so she pointed her views saying, “I personally had very strong views considering the presidency did impact me because I am an Arab, Muslim Woman,” her literal criticized comment was not liked by all.

Negative Comments

Lamya’s comment on Trump’s policies was not liked by some who was with her in the group chat and they started criticizing her by commenting that she couldn’t even take that scarf off or her dad would not like it. These people not even cared about her and unleashed their anger with comments.

Dad’s Response

Most people would have taken this comment at an extreme level but lamyaa reached out to her dad who lives in Saudi Arabia by Asking him about removing her hijab. Her question may have angered him or he would have scolded her for even talking about this but his response melted her heart.

No Man’s Decision

He literally supported his daughter’s decision by telling her that it is no man’s decision whether a girl wants to wear a traditional hijab or not. He reassured her that whatever she feels to do he will support her no matter what the situation is. And his concern towards her well being made this dad win everyone’s heart. The teen’s decision was to ask her dad’s opinion but his comment made her proud of her dad.

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