More Doctors Confessing To Intentionally Diagnosing Healthy People With Cancer to Make Money

Health care should be a good thing. It should be caring about people and their health. It should including both preventions of health issues and treatment. Doctors should have the best interest of their patients in their mind.

Unfortunately, often this is not the reality in today’s world. Health care is a disease-oriented profession that looks at treating symptoms with medication rather than looking at the person as a whole and using both prevention and treatment.

Are Doctors Misdiagnosing Patients For Money?

Doctors don’t always have the best interest of their patients in mind. Medicine and healthcare is a profitable empire. It is a business run by big pharmaceutical companies. For some, it is more about money and profit than our health.

Some doctors even falsely diagnose people in the name of money. It’s hard to believe but it’s true.

The good news is that many of these doctors are getting caught for fraud. With information being easily accessible, it is easier than ever to stay informed and aware.

For example, Dr. Farid Fata, a doctor in Michigan was admitted in court for intentionally and incorrectly diagnosing people with cancer. Yeap, you’ve heard it right. Patients without cancer have received the scary cancer diagnosis from Dr. Fata. Not only that these patients had to go through the emotional aspects of such news, but he admitted that he even administered chemotherapy for them. Why? To obtain profits.

Imagine being one of these patients! It’s hard to describe the agony of receiving a diagnosis of a deadly disease then going through a difficult and incredibly expensive treatment of toxic chemicals that come with serious side effects for no reason whatsoever. Of course, they were in complete shock.

Dr. Sayed Mohammed, a retired oncologist, has said that this is not a new trend. He has seen this already a decade ago. In his word, these doctors are unscrupulous like businessmen without conscience. The problem is that instead of buying goods from them, you have to trust them with your health and life.

Catching Fraud In The Medical Industry

Doctors like this must be caught quickly, you would think. Unfortunately, this is not the case either. Dr. Fata kept his scam going from 2009 – 2016. That is 7 years! He had a patient load of 1,200 people. Of course, it is possible that some of these people really did have cancer, however, it still leaves hundreds of people treated with chemotherapy falsely, possibly leaving them with serious health consequences and medical debt. During this year, Fata received $62 million dollars from Medicare. Though he received life in prison for this scam, it hardly helps the patients treated under her care.

One wants to believe that this is an exceptional situation by one doctor. Sadly, this is something that goes on a regular basis in medicine.

For example, patients with prostate cancer receive false prognoses on a regular basis due to the disease’s association with a certain protein produced by the prostate gland, yet only 3% of patients die from prostate cancer. Still, 90% of doctors encourage expensive treatment without informing patients that cancer never spreads outside of the gland in 97% of cases to cause harm.

Another example affects women. Women are told regularly that they have to have hysterectomies to cure cancer and other ailments. The truth is far from it, hysterectomies show no improvement in survival rates.

Misdiagnosing medical conditions is common. Prescribing medication and expensive treatment for misdiagnosed and even unknown conditions is common. Combating side-effects caused by treatment and medication with even more medication that may cause other side-effects and health issues leading to more medication is the accepted norm.

How Could A Medical Professional Misdiagnose A Patient?

The problem is that there is no profit in preventing disease. There is also no profit in healing disease naturally or at least trying natural methods first, such as diet and lifestyle changes. However, there is profit in expensive medications and treatments, and of course, endless visits to specialists. The current health care industry is not about health. It thrives off of the life of those who are sick. Getting them healthy would not bring profit, keeping them sick in some way, however, does.

The current system is built to destroy our mind, body, and soul. How long do we have to stand by and watch what’s happening? What can we do about it?


If you are dealing with symptoms or have been diagnosed with a health condition, make sure to seek second and even third opinions to ensure that your diagnosis is correct, you haven’t missed anything, and receive the correct treatment plan you personally feel comfortable with. If you can, seek help from a functional medicine or naturopathic doctor to receive a more holistic care along with natural treatment methods. Whether you are receiving conventional treatment or not, don’t forget about the power of natural medicine, such as food, water, sleep, exercise, stress reduction, and other dietary and lifestyle choices. Even if you are feeling good right now, don’t forget about prevention. Take care of yourself. Listen to your body and trust its wisdom. It is never to late to make changes. If it feels like too much on your own, health coaches are excellent guides that can help you through necessary dietary and lifestyle changes.

What do you think about the case of Dr. Fata and our current health care system? How do you take charge of your health and take care of your body? Share your thoughts and experiences, we would love to hear from you.

DISCLAIMER: We are not giving medical advice. If you are taking any medication or receiving treatment, you should consult with your medical professional before stopping or changing treatment.

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