Men Who Marry Chubby Women Are 10 Times Happier (Says Science!)

There’s no one right way to be a women. Every woman is a real woman. Never forget. Real Women are Fat. And Thin. And Both. And Neither, and Otherwise – Hanne Blank

Many people always repel chubby ladies when comes to relationships and undermine them based on their size and physical appearances.​ Over the years a lot of negative beliefs have been created with regards to chubby women which has been put into our heads by media. Plump and chubby women are always perceived to be slow learners and lazy.

Dr. Filemón Alvarado and Dr. Edgardo Morales in their new study conducted by the department of psychology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico thinks otherwise.  The study revealed that men who were in a relationship with chubby women were TEN times happier than those who were with skinny women and tend to live longer.

Below are some facts highlighted in their research

  • Chubby women make their partners smile more because they are better at anticipating the needs of their partners. They anticipate and make certain things happen even before their partners ask.
  • Chubby women are found to be full of confidence as they are able to interact and express what is in their mind regardless of the situation.
  • Chubby women are more positive and submissive to their lovers. The research highlights that most plus size ladies do not show their aggression even when offended.
  • As chubby woman are already heavy and fat, they complain less on and carrying the baby gaining weight during childbirth.
  • The research further points out slim counterparts tends to be unfriendly, less expressive and aggressive.

For the research a sample of two men living in Nairobi are taken who have been married for over ten years.

Mr. Griffin who was the man that has married a chubby lady mentioned that his house is full of joy and peace. According to him, his wife is always in a good mood, understanding, open-minded and adjustable. In other words “Happy wife, Happy Life”

Mr. John on the other hand who married a slim lady stated that he is always faced with unfriendliness, aggression and rigidness.

He quoted, “My wife is rigid and a very hard nut to crack, once she has settled on a given position she is not open to discussion.”

All in all we can say that the finding of the above research without doubt concludes that a majority of men who date plus sized women live happier and longer life when compared to those who date slim women.

Dear men, do not limit your scope to only tall and slender ladies expand your horizon and try out plump size women as they have much more to offer.

Dear Ladies, find the person who loves your fat rolls and your boney ass and all your perfections and imperfections.

As that’s what is really necessary for a happy relationship!