Married Or Not, You Should Read This Heartbreaking Story!

Husband Gets In Shock When His Wife Demands Something Extra Special During Their Divorce

10 A Man Wanted Divorce

This is one of the most heart-warming stories I have ever read

One day while having dinner, a man asked his wife for a divorce. By listening to this, at first, the lady kept her calm and asked him the actual reason for this.

9 Husband’s Evasive Answer

When he was unable to tell the concrete reason, the lady got angry and started crying, then he told her that he has now found a new love in his life, Jane!

He then added that he did not have the same feelings for her anymore. Hence he wanted to file a divorce

8 Divorce Agreement was ready

In the divorce agreement, he stated that she can own their house, their car and also 30% stake in his company. When the papers reached her, she threw away those papers away devastated!

Though the man was sad about her situation, he couldn’t help, which made his wife sadder.

7 Wife’s Answer to the agreement details

At night, when the man came back home from work, he saw his wife sitting at the table and writing something. The man just went straight to the bed and they did not say anything to each other.

But in the next morning when they both wake up, the wife told clearly her terms for the divorce.

She mentioned that she does not want the house, the car or the stake.

This must sound strange to you, but you’ll get surprised to know what she demands from her husband. Read on to know what she wanted from him!

6 Wife’s Own Conditions in the agreement

Instead of taking all those materialistic things offered by her husband, she just wanted one thing and that is for both of them to live. She wanted to act normally for one month while stating that her son’s exams are approaching by, and she didn’t want him to get bad grades because of this divorce.

Next, she asked her husband to carry her over the threshold to their house every day and then into their bedroom every morning.

The man agreed on that because he would have done anything just to make it easier for her.

5 Husband’s Observation in First Week

On the very first day, when their son saw them doing what was the lady demanded, he was really very happy to see that. In between wife reminded her husband to not to tell him the truth. While there was a bit of reluctance on the first day, things went fine on the second day. On the third day, the man realised that she is the woman who had spent her long 10 years for building their life.

As the days passed, their intimacy was getting stronger!

4 Husband was in pain

One day when his son reminded him of the time to carry her mother, he was actually in pain. Actually, seeing their parents like this it became a ritual for the child.

And that was the day when he held her wife as tightly as he had done on their wedding day 10 years ago.

3 Divorce story turned into a heartwarming love story!

Following the same ritual for the sake of their son, the man finally realised that he had made a mistake to think of divorcing his wife.

Next day while returning home, he carried flowers for her wife and wrote ’I will carry you every morning until death do us part.” on the card.

But what happened next was completely heart-breaking.

2 His Wife Passed away

When he returned home he was shocked to see that his wife was dead. She passed away in her sleep when he was not there with her. Later, he found that her wife was suffering from cancer and that was the reason she was constantly getting thinner!

He was busy with Jane all that time when his wife was struggling with this severe disease! He was so disheartened to realize this at the end..

1 Husband in Guilty

Then he analysed why his wife had asked for all those divorce terms. She did this to make her husband the most loving partner in her son’s eyes.

So, it’s not about mansion, car, property, gifts, money in the bank, but the relationship is all about spending time with each other.

Find time out of your busy schedule and get in love with your spouse again.