Major League Single Women

Do you know what the bitter truth of today is? The fact that many people who are good in all respects will remain lonely. Do not try to find a catch in them – it simply does not exist.

Why are more and more people who are beautiful in all respects choosing the path of loners? What’s wrong with them? ..

Before, everything was clear. As clear as two times two. If a girl is not married, then either she is scary, or she has a bad character. Or walks right and left. In a word, there is some drawback. And the bachelor man raised questions. With what joy is he alone? Maybe some impotent, or even a maniac? This was the case during my childhood. But in recent years, everything has changed.

Have you noticed that smart, beautiful and wealthy people of both sexes are increasingly singles? Voluntarily and completely consciously, do they refuse to search for a pair? Or are they looking, but somehow sluggishly, without much enthusiasm and trembling? I call them major league singles.

Difficult age

The tendency to postpone marriage until the education is completed, the career is done, and the mortgage is paid, played a cruel joke with us. People do not marry young, as they used to, but adults. These are people with fully formed habits that they do not want to sacrifice, a certain way of life, views. Over the years, it becomes more and more difficult to find a place for someone else in your settled life!

Remember at what age girls are brought into ballet? To shine on stage, babies come to study even as preschoolers. Why is that? Because at this time they have very high plasticity. Sitting on a split at 5 years old and at 35 years old are two big differences. It’s the same with the formation of a pair. You don’t have to be mature to understand and accept another person. But it is very important to be flexible. And every year this plasticity is lost. This is probably why people of the older generation say that it is better to have two stamps in the passport by the time they reach adulthood than none.

Capitalism is the best contraceptive!

So Sobchak used to answer questions about marriage and the birth of children. And she was right. Indeed, a society in which there are so many different pleasures makes the family unnecessary and burdensome. Here, think for yourself. Where could a single woman go in the evening 25-30 years ago? Maximum, for an evening of dancing with the derogatory name “Over 30”. What else could she do? Howl at home at the moon?

And now every evening the city opens tens of thousands of doors with pleasure. Cozy coffee shops, bars and restaurants, movie nights, hangouts in clubs, travel. Seething, boiling nightlife. A life in which loners rule the ball. No, why, sometimes people pair up with strobe lights. But only to part in the morning.

This is sex dear …

For centuries, one of the most powerful stimulants of marriage has been sexual gratification. But what can I say, a couple of decades ago, our mothers married virgins? And dads got their first sex only after the wedding. An unmarried woman was a priori considered a woman with an unsettled personal life.

A single man could rely mainly on prostitutes. Now the sex life of a single person can be much richer than that of a married one. A free woman can have sex more often and more interestingly than a married woman. Perhaps this saturation is what they are afraid of losing the best of the best?

In pursuit of the ideal

Do you know another reason why the best are single? Because they are constantly in pursuit of excellence. They stretch their careers, their bodies, their material well-being to the ideal level. And they absolutely do not understand why in a permanent relationship they have full seams. And the reason is simple. For marriage, you do not need conformity to the ideal. For a marriage, the opportunity for compromise is important.

The more a person is inclined to achieve perfection, the more difficult it will be for him. Because, according to an old habit, he will begin to eat not only himself but also his partner. Put it in the wrong place? Did you do something wrong? Isn’t that body? Come on, improve, keep the bar. Match! But guys, marriage is not about achieving and meeting. Marriage is about accepting!