Loving Couples Married For 77 Years Hold Hands As They Pass Away

They made me believe in love again!

The Beautiful Couple

With the world pacing fast towards the hook-up culture, it feels incredible have known the couples who have been there for each other for all their life. In a time when loyalty is seen in relative terms, our grandparents are surely setting some of the best relationship goals!

Meet this beautiful couple who have happily spent their life together!

Relationship Goals

A reddit user shared these adorable pictures of her grandparents. She told that after spending 77 years together, his grandparents died holding hands together! Though her post received many negative remarks, but the positivity remains..

Death is inevitable but to think of dying close to the person you love the most is special!

Love Is Everything You Need

While bread and butter are for the body, a heart only needs love for healing! If you have a partner who could make your life more meaningful and peaceful, there’s nothing more that you can want!