Lost Fleet Of The Reich At The Bottom Of The Sea Saw An Armada Of Military Submarines

At the very bottom of the Black Sea, the research team’s bathyscaphe recorded something that looked like a submarine on video. Further study showed that scientists had found the lost Reich fleet, an entire army of military submarines.

It was these submarines, U-23, U-19 and U-20 that historians quite officially called “Hitler’s Lost Fleet.” According to the surviving documents, they went on a combat mission at the beginning of 1944, and since then no news of the location of the submarines has been received.

The bathyscaphe of the scientific expedition worked on the archival documents found in 2008. An enthusiast found them, but he could not go under the water himself.

But the cameras of the bathyscaphe, held according to the coordinates, found the submarines exactly in the indicated place. U-23 was found only 2 kilometers from the coast at a depth of 50 meters.

U-19 and U-20 lay at a short distance from each other, at a depth of 300 and 25 meters. The Marine Archeology Society believes that the pressurization could have retained almost the entire interior of the submarines.

Now the question is being decided whether it is possible to raise the submarines without damaging their fragile hulls.