Lord Shiva’s 7 Laws To Glorify Your Life

Many people believe in God Shiva. He is the “destroyer of evil and the transformer”. In Shaivism ; one of the major tradition in contemporary Hinduism, Shiva is the supreme being who create, protect and transforms universe. These are his seven key laws that would help you to have a better understanding about life.


The first law of Shiva Karma is truth. It is mentioned that one should remain truthful in all circumstances of life, no matter what the result would be. Lies would help you temporarly but, nothing would give you a permanent consolation than truth. We must be truthful to others as well as to ourselves.

2. Knowledge is God

One can have a perfect idea about the meaning of his own existence, only by having a good knowledge. If we are not knowledgeable, we would always be misguided and therefore, always try to add everything to your life. Removing unnecessary things out from your life is wisdom. You should always be hungry to be knowledgeable, in order to have a perfect idea about life.

3. Everything is an illusion

We find happiness in temporarily things. We make ourselves comfortable and happy from temporarily pleasures. But, remember if your happiness is related to material things, it would not last forever and things would end up in a total failure. You do not need to aim for higher things to be happy. Happiness lies within you. Be grateful for what you have and understand the reality of everything.

4. Look beyond yourself

Keep in your mind that you are not the only one in the universe. We are too much mindful about our personal wellbeing but not about our surrounding. It’s okay to be concerned about your happiness but, we should also be selfless and try to spread happiness around ourselves. World would surely be a nice place if we concern about each other.

5. Be formless

Don’t try to cover yourself in a box. Let yourself to feel the diverse things round you. Take the challenges. Just don’t lose yourself when you go through hard and tough situations.

6. Use your inner senses

Don’t try to frame things. When something takes places, allow yourself to observe it from several dimensions. Let your mind be free. Erase all the unnecessary details and focus on the relevant point. Remember your mind is the centre of everything and it controls all. So, let it be free and relax and then use your senses. It will make you aware about everything that happens around you.

7. Awaken yourself

We call a person as enlightened, when he breaks free from all the bonds and liberate him from all evils. We all can attain this superior phase and for that we should try to waken ourselves. We should try to comprehend the reality of everything and if we can attain this state, we would be able to experience a superior comfort in heart.