Killer Cones Reptiles In Restaurants And Other Reasons Not To Love Australia

Do you think that only fluffy koalas and funny kangaroos live in Australia? In fact, no, and today we will not talk about them at all. WHAT YES HOW we will show you “killer bumps”, reptiles in restaurants, and other reasons not to love Australia.

(All images used to illustrate the article are taken from Yandex. Pictures and belong to their authors.)

  1. Web, a lot of webs

If you are afraid of spiders, then don’t go to Australia. In addition to the fact that there are incredibly many of them, they are also of different sizes. To stumble upon a small spider or a large individual with a formidable look in this country is easy. Now, you probably understand why everything in Australia is shrouded in cobwebs?

  1. Giant reptiles

Okay, spiders are just a small part of the “ugly” side of Australia. With the same success here you can meet with reptiles. Often gigantic. “Cute” little animals can easily look into your window or come to “dine” in a restaurant. However, the locals have long been accustomed to them.

  1. Snakes

Among the uninvited guests are often found crawling. You can see snakes up to 5 times a week right in your bed, in a box of breakfast cereal.

Sometimes a snake climbs into the sewer in search of water, but cannot get back out, and ends up in the toilet. After some of these rescues, the owners go to buy new plumbing.

  1. Blue-ringed octopuses

Do you think all the dangers of Australia are only on land? And here it is not. Swimming in the ocean, you can meet such a wonderful Yudo beast as a blue-ringed octopus. Do not be deceived by its beauty and do not touch it, because, after a bite from an octopus, your heart will stop from its poison in a couple of minutes.

  1. Killer Cones

Dangers are not only fauna. For example, a curious tree called Araucaria grows in Australia. In appearance, it is quite ordinary, which cannot be said about its bumps. Each of them weighs up to 3 kg, and falling on your head will easily knock you down, or even seriously cripple you.

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What do you think, is it normal for local residents to live in Australia among all this?