In Antarctica, Under The Ice, They Saw A Huge Depression 4 Milometers Deep

A new expedition brought strange news from Antarctica. As it turned out, the ice cover of the ancient continent hides a 4-kilometer-deep rift beneath it.

And it is officially the largest canyon in the world. It is located directly under the Denman Glacier. The discovery was made by a professor at the University of California, Matthew Morlingham – he devoted three years to the search.

Scientists have made several attempts to measure the exact depth of the sinkhole with sound equipment. But for now, the end point will have to be considered a four-meter mark. There are many sites for which little or no data are available.

The problem is that the trough is too deep for such equipment. The echo does not come from the bottom, but from the walls, and this makes it difficult to find the bottom.

There is also a rather bold theory of a bottomless sinkhole under Antarctica. Science admits such a possibility – the failure can go all the way to the center of the planet.