If You Blow On Your Thumb, Here’s The Surprising Effect It Will Have On Your Body

Bodies are weird, to say the least! When one joint starts aching, another lasting medical problem is suddenly resolved, and vice versa. Now when you feel the onset of a sore throat, get a stuffy nose or encounter any of these daily issues, give these helpful hacks a shot.

By applying pressure to certain places, keeping the mind distracted and employing a number of other useful tactics, your body can overcome even the most frustrating illnesses, worries and pains.

Soothe A Scratchy Throat

Hot tea is nice, and a salt water gargle can provide temporary relief – but when we have a tickle in our throat, there’s nothing that seems to really quiet the urge to itch. Scott Schaffer, M.D., president of an ear, nose, and throat specialty center, told Men’s Health the secret behind lasting throat relief. Doctor Schaffer says all you have to do is scratch your ear! He explained, “When the nerves in the ear are stimulated, it creates a reflex in the throat that can cause a muscle spasm. This spasm relieves the tickle.” Everyone in your home will thank you this upcoming cold and flu season!

“Cool” Your Nerves

When the world has you stressed and you don’t know how to relax, splash a little cold water on your face! The combination of holding your breath and feeling the ice-cold water on your skin tricks your brain into employing the “mammalian diving reflex.” This reflex forces your body to use oxygen more efficiently, which in turn, calms you down. WebMD states that the history behind water and stress relief is long and well-documented – they explain that even simply drinking a cold glass of water can help you “chill out.” That means you don’t have to ruin your mascara to give this hack a chance!

Be Brave While Giving Blood

If the idea of a needle prick gives you the “heebie-jeebies,” try distracting yourself! When the nurse is just about to insert the needle, let out a tiny cough. This will keep your mind off of the procedure and any pain that the needle may cause! But be sure to warn your nurse of your plan – you don’t want an unexpected cough to complicate things even further!

Drain Even The Most Stuffy Of Noses

When sinus pressure has you down, alternate pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth and one finger against each of your eyebrows. This force against your vomer bone with cause it rock back and forth, and will loosen any mucus. You’ll be able to enjoy a deep breath after about 20 seconds! Phlegm is a now thing of the past.

Lessen The Chance Of Burn Scars

Instead of rushing for the ice pack after a nasty burn, try pressing the pads of your fingers against the affected area gently. This will bring your skin back to body temperature less rapidly, which will reduce the risk of blisters appearing. Your skin will heal naturally and you’ll be left without a noticeable burn scar!

Make A Toothache Disappear In Second

If you have sensitive teeth, this helpful trick will change your life! When you start to feel the pain build, place an ice on the back of your hand. You’ll want to rub it back and forth on the webbed area between your index finger and your thumb. This area is filled with nerve pathways that run pain signals from the face and hands to the brain, and the cool temperatures will block the messages they’re trying to send!

Zap Nervousness For Good

Does this sounds familiar? You’re all dressed and ready for your big date, but the butterflies in your stomach are all you can think about! Now you can calm your nerves in seconds by blowing on your thumb. It may sound strange, but doing so will regulate your breathing and will control your vagus nerve, which helps slow your heart rate. Butterflies, be gone!

Get Rid Of That Migraine Right Now

You don’t need expensive and addictive pain medication to treat your pounding migraine! Try the ancient technique of using pressure points to relieve even the worst headache pain. According to LiveStrong, you’ll use your thumb and forefinger on one hand to apply pressure to the same webbed area (between your other thumb and forefinger) on your other hand. Press and hold for two minutes on each side, while rotating your fingers in a gentle, circular motion – this will allow blood to flow out of your head and neck, and will loosen any Ki, or “blocked energy.”

Learn other ways to relieve your migraine with these important pressure points!

Give Them A Shot

Now you have the tools to drastically improve your quality of life – the only thing left to do is share them with your friends and loved ones! Everyone can benefit from these important lifehacks.

Source: Lifeaspire