Husband Plants 1,000’s Of Trees To Honor Wife Only To Have True Intention Shown In Arial Photo 17 Years Later All these years passed before it was discovered.

Winston Howes was madly in love with his wife, Janet. They got married in 1962, and their marriage was so strong and happy that people around were wondering how it was possible.

The couple never had any quarrels and never got even in the slightest fight. They were best friends to each other and showed to each other only respect, dedication, and affection.

Unfortunately, their happiness didn‘t last happily ever after. Suddenly, Winston‘s beloved wife died. The man was devastated, but he decided to do something incredible in her memory to cope with his grief.

On the lands surrounding their house, Winston planted 6000 oak trees. At first, the trees were weak and small, but in several years they grew stronger and formed a beautiful oak forest. Many people were admiring Winston‘s oak grove, however, for 20 years, none of them had the slightest idea what it was hiding inside.

The beautiful secret was revealed by a man who was riding a hot air balloon right above Winston‘s lands. He saw a beautiful miracle from above – the oak trees were forming a huge heart as a symbol of immortal love.

At the very top of the heart, there is the house where Janet spent her childhood. In the middle of the heart — the amazing meadow of daffodils.

This is divine love, the love that inspires people to do incredible things for someone‘s sake. SHARE AWAY!