How To Lose Weight In A Dream

In an effort to lose the hated pounds, we subject ourselves to diets, exhausting physical activity and other tests. It turns out that there is a more affordable and pleasant way: you can just SLEEP AND LOSE. Here’s what you need to do this.

Everyone knows that sleep is biologically necessary for all of us. During sleep, a person rests, the functions of the body are restored, and there is healing from diseases. It is believed that children grow up in their sleep. But good sleep is also a convenient method that will help you lose those extra pounds. The results of special studies indicate that those who lose weight who spent 8.5 hours in sleep could lose 2 times more body fat than those who slept for only 5.5 hours, even if they reduced the number of calories.

Sleep and lose weight

There are certain habits before falling asleep, which can also affect weight loss during sleep. Are you curious about them? With the help of these simple tricks, you can deceive your own body and direct its work towards a slight weight loss.

01.Sleep in the cool

When the temperature in the room in which you sleep is too high, it becomes more difficult to fall asleep. The body temperature must drop in order for a person to sleep soundly all night. What should be the temperature in the bedroom?

Falling asleep is good at 19 ° Celsius. At a given air temperature, a certain percentage of white fat that stores excess calories is converted to brown fat, which is responsible for warming the body and burning calories.

2. Dedicate time to yourself

Before going to bed, we strive to complete all daytime activities for which there was not enough time. And this does not have a very favorable effect on the quality of night sleep. Experts recommend to postpone chores until tomorrow and devote this time to yourself half an hour before going to bed.

It is helpful to relax, do something soothing. Reading or cosmetic procedures have a good effect in this case. It is also helpful to take a bath with aromatic oils.

03.Dim the lighting

Any bright indoor light can interfere with the production of the important sleep hormone melatonin.

An interesting study was conducted at the University of Oxford in 2014, which confirmed that those women who slept at night in absolute darkness were 21% less likely to be diagnosed as obese than those who slept in a brighter room. Therefore, soft, dim light at late hours is not only useful, but also necessary.

04.Light gymnastics before bed

Vigorous physical activity is not recommended before bedtime, as it gives an additional energy charge, which is not at all necessary at a given time of day. It makes sense to pay attention to light stretching. This will help your body to fully relax.

A special deep diaphragmatic breathing exercise will be helpful. Here’s how to do it: inhale through the nose and exhale slowly through the mouth. Please note: in the process of breathing, the stomach rises and falls, not the chest. This exercise has a positive effect on the parasympathetic nervous system, and it will help you fall asleep soundly.

05.Refuse to drink alcohol at night

It is believed that a reasonable amount of alcohol will help you fall asleep faster, but this remedy does not guarantee a sound and full sleep.

Alcohol late at night can negatively affect your sleep in the second half of the night. Here’s how it works: our body metabolizes the sugar in alcohol, and this prevents the body from getting adequate rest.

As a result, sleep becomes superficial and can often be interrupted. Not only will you have a bad night’s rest and not get enough sleep, it also makes it difficult to get rid of unnecessary pounds.

And, of course, it is worth mentioning the sleeping place itself. Choose a comfortable mattress to keep your spine comfortable. The pillow you sleep on also matters. It should not be too bulky so that the cervical vertebrae do not experience tension during the night’s rest.