How Souls Choose Their Families And Friends Before Birth

Our souls meet this world time and time again, as this happens we grow and change. We outgrow old soul contracts and make new ones as we go, this is just how things are.

Souls are born into many different bodies throughout many different lifetimes. Sometimes we have the same parents as we did in the life before and other times we do not. Who will be in our lives is something we determine when connected to the source, before returning here again. We do not remember making these decisions or choosing these people but we did.

During our time at the source, we choose what lessons to learn, what kind of life we want to live, and everything in-between. During that time we are paired up with parents and partners who will guide us along our way. If you have experienced a life with someone specific you two might choose to reverse roles in the next life within reason. There is no limit to the things that can be done.

Soul contracts consist of your time, date, and location of birth as well as the family you were born into and everything from death to what events might unfold. Everything is predetermined to happen before it is ever even considered while you are living. You do not remember the decisions you made while in spirit form, but they are still quite prominent and guiding your life towards a path you carved out for it.

That being said, you do have free will and you can make changes to this as you see fit. Our destiny and fate is not something that can be so easily decided but regardless the outline is ever present. Our soul contracts are deals we have made with ourselves, they are meant to help us grow to a higher state of consciousness or awareness.

If you feel like you’re meeting the right person at the right time it is most likely because part of a soul contract is being fulfilled. While this can be confusing when you begin noticing the ways in which this kind of thing affects your life it will begin to make much more sense. We tend to incarnate here on this planet with the same people time and time again. You will know your soul family when you find them, but that does not mean you should ignore the family you were given this time around.

This world is a very mysterious place but nothing is happening for ‘no reason.’ You should take comfort in knowing you are carrying out the things your spirit self-wanted done. Learn the lessons before you and grow in all possible ways. Make your spirit self-proud.

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