How Makeup Artists Create Photos Before And After Makeup, And Why These Photos Are Not Always True

In recent years, the beauty industry has begun to develop at some truly incredible pace. In any social network, you can find a lot of accounts of makeup artists and stylists who attract customers with all their might. Unfortunately, not all of these masters are really professionals: sometimes they paint in such a way that a woman could do better on her own. In the struggle for the client, any tricks are used from stealing photographs of other people’s works (to pass them off as your own) to Photoshop and tricky tricks to “deteriorate” a woman before.

And if the good old Google helps to find the stolen photo, then you can understand that the master embellishes reality a little with other signs. One of them is the contrast in the before and after photos. Sometimes the girls in the original photo are especially spoiled to make them look worse, then the contrast will be noticeable better. Of course, in the direction of the makeup artist.

01 Another angle

In this case, the before and after photos were taken from different angles. The first photo is a strict full face, but the second is a half-turned photo. And I want to say that partly the angle is a photo comparison and pulled out.

The thing is that almost every person has a “working” side, which is our “good shot” when the jawline looks more elegant and the nose is smaller. In the second case, it is she who is demonstrated. Photos “in the forehead”, on the contrary, are often unsuccessful. This explains the dissatisfaction of people with the photos on their passports.

02 Other lighting

In the first few seconds of looking at the photo, you can see that in the second photo both the hair shines better and the girl looks healthier – a miracle, not a transformation. the master did a great job, but if you don’t go over the photo with your eyes, but take a closer look at it, you will notice that this difference is given to us by lighting. The girl in the first photo looks dull, but in the second – fresh and bright. Only now the blouse and the background also become bright – the difference in lighting is visible everywhere.

If we talk about the make-up itself, then it is not entirely successful. The eyes became heavy and sad, the cheeks were too bright against the background of an even face, and the skin itself was unnaturally even. It’s like a mask. The girl is aged, but at a cursory glance, it is not evident.

03 Different background

The background and its color also matter. Look at these before and after photos. I am silent about the fact that the lighting is again different. But the background is also very different.

The first is something earthy, inconspicuous, and the second is juicy and beautiful. And this also affects our perception and, importantly, color perception. So the first photo is perceived as grayish-green, thanks to the background, and the second is beautiful and juicy.

04 Intentionally reducing the photo to

Just look at the first photo. Doesn’t that bother you? Uncombed hair bothers me. On the left side, one strand generally sticks out almost to the side, as if the girl just got up from the pillow. And I’m not talking about some kind of hairstyle – just at least a comb.

And that’s what a lot of people are talking about. Makeup artists, Fashion Sentence stylists, and just some hairdressers ask models and clients to mess up their hair or braid it into a tight braid, creating a “bald” effect. And then just neatness draws out the whole image.

05 Photoshop

And this is not about simple color correction or covering up skin imperfections. And about the complete change of the face to the state of the chrysalis. This is also quite common, and sometimes even looks very creepy.

So the girl not only acquired a couple of kilograms of cosmetics but also lost her human features, becoming … a doll! This is especially noticeable in the eyes: here they look just terribly unnatural, even a little frightening.

How does it work in real life?

Artwork Gohar Avetisyan

And here is an example of the real work of their salon Gohar Avetisyan, a famous blogger, and star make-up artist. And … there is everything at once. And photo correction, and different light, a different angle, a different background, and the absence of hair because of the bun. There are also accessories. And along with him, another person appeared.

The face of the client from inflamed and rather embossed became perfectly even and smooth. And this is deception. You can even out skin tone, and hide redness and wounds, but without professional makeup, it is simply impossible to even out such a skin texture, even if you use the densest tone.

Is all this fair? Of course not. Makeup artists do this so that people go to them for the result. But Photoshop cannot be built into real life, which means that the client can simply waste money. Therefore, when choosing a master’s, be careful and carefully study his portfolio. Did you see any of the above? Think about whether you need it. Maybe it’s better to look for more?