Mysterious Woman Leads A Magical Parade Of Dogs, Cats, And Birds

There are people who look like they do magic or at least that’s how everyone saw a woman in Turkey, she was followed by a group of animals as she walked calmly. The video made by Dilara İlter shows a truly spectacular scene she witnessed through the window of her parents’ house.

In the street she saw a woman “leading” a parade of dozens of different species of animals; cats, dogs and birds. All willingly following the mysterious woman as if she were a Disney princess in real life.

“The woman walked very calmly,” Dilara told Bored Panda. “This lady is from my parents’ neighborhood and my mother told me she is a foreigner.”

“Every two days, he gathers the stray animals and feeds them, but when it came to recording the video I didn’t know anything. The moment I saw her walk like that, I thought she was magic, with so many birds and cats. ”

Apparently, Dilara’s mother tried to talk to you after the video went viral for the first time, but she was shy because she didn’t speak Turkish very well.

A year later, Dilara saw the same woman and the same animals were still following her.

This time he got a little more information. Apparently, the woman meets every day with the stray animals and feeds them, they seem to be mesmerized by her.

It turns out that animals know her. “I know she feeds the animals on this street very often, which is a very common behavior in Turkey,” explains Dilara. “In Istanbul, we love and care for stray animals, especially cats. They are the symbol of the city”.

It’s amazing how the stray animals follow the woman, everyone likes her a lot, clearly everyone was following her. Did you like it? So share with your friends and family so they can see this magical video.