Glorious Bird: Meet The Crowned Flycatcher

Admirers of the French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, seeing this bird, shuddered at the undeniable resemblance: the same proud bearing, the same piercing gaze, and even the same black-red-yellow cocked hat on his head. The sizes are slightly different, but a little imagination – and here he is, an outstanding statesman and commander

This bird belongs to the order of passerines. She is one of the most beautiful representatives of the tyrant flycatcher, and this sparrow is called the Amazonian crowned fly beetle (Onychorhynchus coronatus).

Under normal conditions, there is nothing unusual in the appearance of this bird; only with strong excitement, the crowned fly-eater completely unfolds its luxurious tufted hairstyle, turning at the same time into an unusually elegant handsome man. The crest can be mistaken for a smaller copy of the peacock’s tail, so many call the bird a peacock on the contrary.

The feathers that make up the crest are usually fiery red in males with blue tips. Females of different races, who do not want to be like each other, instead of fiery red, sport stunning yellow or orange hairstyles. When folded, the crest resembles the opposite projection of a wide and rather long beak. From this, the bird’s head in its shape has an amazing resemblance to a hammer.

The crowned fly eater lives almost everywhere in South America. Birds keep in pairs or singly in damp lowland forests, preferring shady edges near streams