From Handsome To Alien. History Of Anthony Loffredo

Anthony Loffredo could have remained a simple security guard from French Provence if one day he did not understand that he does not want to be a man, he is a Reptilian.

Anthony Loffredo before the makeover

For himself, he set a goal to achieve an extraterrestrial appearance and began his transformation by moving to Australia. Having the appearance of a typical “jock” and “alpha male”, the guy was never deprived of the attention of the opposite sex, but at the age of 24, he began to cover his body with a dense tattoo, changing the color of his skin.

Anthony Loffredo during a tattoo session

Naturally, a tattoo alone will not make him a reference alien, then Anthony decided to change the shape of the skull with the help of implants, bringing it closer to the shape of a lizard’s head, after getting rid of the hair.

Anthony Loffedo with tattoo and implants

Have you ever seen Hollywood aliens have ears? So Loffredo decided that this “accessory” in his body was superfluous, having undergone an operation to remove the auricles. You won’t surprise anyone with a forked tongue today, but such a lizard-like creature is supposed to. Everything would be fine, but his eyes betrayed his human essence, and then he filled the eyeballs with ink, making the whites of the eyes absolutely black.

Human skin also did not suit Etoni and he decided to resort to scarring, traces of “scaring” are especially noticeable on the cheeks, where scars in the form of lightning flaunt. Implants with metal microdermals appeared on the forehead. It would seem, well, what else can you change in yourself?

Anthony Loffredo without ears

Nose! An alien with a nose does not look harmonious, does it? Loffredo was forced to travel to Barcelona to have surgery to remove the tip of his nose, opening his nostrils completely. Now it’s definitely not human. Anthony changed his name to “The Black alien project” (Black Alien Project), yes, you heard right about the project because the guy has not finished his modifications yet.

Anthony Loffredo no longer has a nose

Further, I will designate our hero as P.C.I.

P.C.I. removed extra fingers on the hands, leaving only the thumb, index and middle, bringing the appearance closer to the reptilian. In addition, our “aliens” tried to twist the upper lip, but something went wrong and part of the lip is now simply missing, exposing the grin.

From the last P.C.I. made a tunnel in the lower lip, painted the teeth and tongue, and also changed the color of the whites of the eyes to green (very interesting how?). Naturally, the project continues, according to him, now he has achieved a result of only 29%. His next target is (attention) mechanical prosthetic legs. I really hope that there are no surgeons who can agree to such an operation.

One of the last photos of Anthony Loffredo

How do you like these transformations? Do you agree that you can sacrifice your ears on the way to your dream, or, as I also think, a hundred guy needs a good psychiatrist and therapy?