Father Gets 2x More Followers As He Comically Recreates His Daughters Witty Selfies

This dad is going viral for remaking his daughter’s selfies. Burr Martin wasn’t happy with the rude comments guys left on her photos. instead of telling his daughter to stop posting provocative photos. He decided to join in. but what started as a small joke ended up in news stories around the world. In today’s article, we will enjoy that collection of pictures

This guy is such a legend.

The Ducklings!

He tries to pout but man, the girl does it way better.

They’ve Got Wings.

But I really appreciate his effort.

Being Close To Nature.

Daddy believes in reality though.

Who’s T-shirt Is It?

So daddy can spindle the money to troll her.

Like A Pro!

So now we know the posing thing runs in the family.

He Nailed It!

Although he doesn’t have a sexy belly to flaunt. But who cares.

One Step Ahead.

Playful hair with a little face cleaning.

This Is Epic!

He won’t spare even a fine detailing. I love this man’s creativity skills.

Let’s Play Hide And Seek.

Keep up the good work, dude.

Love Scenes.

And when mommy walks in.

The Weirdos.

Puppy face vs eyes popped out.

Summer Days!

He should be awarded as the coolest daddy.

Party Time.

Where’s the party tonight!?