Famous Bodybuilders Who Break stereotypes About beauty

What do you think of when you hear the word “bodybuilder”. Surely girls who dress exclusively in voluminous baggy clothes look masculine, and everything feminine is alien to them.

However, our today’s heroines in every possible way refute these ideas, wear dresses, and the muscles only add zest to the image. Read the article to the end and judge for yourself.

1st Pretty Woman – Yong Woo Zhi

Fans, despite her muscular body, call this Korean woman “Barbie” for her prettiness and inner fragility. Once the girl struggled with social phobia and panic attacks, but to no avail. She was able to cope with them only when she tried herself in bodybuilding. Yong Wu Zhi needed very little time to get into such an attractive shape, and already in 2013, she became the champion in European competitions. It seems to me that it is well deserved.

2nd beauty – Angela Graham

It’s hard to believe, but this interesting and athletic woman is already 70 years old and she has long acquired grandchildren. However, the language does not turn to call her grandmother. Angela is considered a role model by all familiar male bodybuilders. Interestingly, bodybuilding has become her passion since the age of 20. But until that time, she was rather thin and successfully built a career as a model.

3rd beauty – Natalia Kuznetsova

And this is our compatriot, who has achieved such impressive results in just 12 years of hard work on herself. In addition to the fact that Natalia is a record holder in traction and bench press, she is also a popular blogger. Her subscribers like to watch not only how the athlete sets one record after another, but there are fifteen of them for a minute. But also for the ordinary life of a girl who tries to take care of herself and look feminine.

4th beauty – Peggy Gilbert

Another age bodybuilder who destroys all stereotypes. She can hardly be given 71 years old, while she began to practice quite late – at 50. So, looking at her, you understand that you can have a sports figure at any age. And all these phrases, such as – “older people have a slow metabolism” – are nothing more than excuses.

5th beauty – Ekaterina Usmanova

A girl who impresses with her perfect figure, despite the fact that she recently became a mother. According to her, the first reason for success is self-discipline, which she strictly adheres to. By the way, she was able to get in shape after giving birth in a few months, and all thanks to hard work on herself.