Expectation And Reality. What a twist!

How often have you had it that you are not getting what you expect? For example, you saw a beautiful picture on the packaging, bought it, but inside there is something strange and incomprehensible? These people found themselves in just such a situation. It looks, of course, quite funny, but some are still a little sorry.

The suit on the Internet looked “a little” different

The nails were not made quite as promised

Photo in an advertisement for the sale of a puppy on the Internet and his photo in reality

Somehow the hairdresser worked wrong …

The cake in the ad and in reality

The girl decided to buy a moisturizing mask with a picture of a bunny, but it turned out to be some kind of horror character

The girl was promised a light and natural tan

Unsuccessful trip to the hairdresser

Photos from advertising on a social network and the real result

Dress – photo in the store and in reality