Expectation And Reality Of Goods A Lot Of Funny Photos

In modern realities, it is not so easy to make profitable purchases in online stores. AliExpress comes to the rescue. There is a huge assortment, thousands of products from a variety of categories. But not everyone manages to choose the best products that are definitely there. In this post, we take a look at purchases from AliExpress that didn’t meet buyers’ expectations.


Experienced buyers often say that clothes need to be clearly measured before buying. But this is especially important when it comes to dresses and unusual clothes.

In the meantime, a lot of photos and materials appeared on the Internet with those who dared to buy a dress from Ali and even did not get it with the size or style. They can be understood, since such clothes are very inexpensive on Aliexpress, much cheaper than ours.

Much more offensive if the dress turned out to be the wrong material or even cut. In this case, the buyer is hardly to blame, and it is not clear what to do with the clothes.


There is a similar problem with swimwear. But here it is added that sellers usually take people with an ideal figure for photos, and then a certain dissonance arises.

But the advantage is similar – there is very inexpensive swimwear on Aliexpress, which is much cheaper than ours.

Micro things

Sometimes, for unknown reasons, things arrive that are obviously smaller than the person expected. Only reading reviews before buying this or that thing can help to save yourself from such a situation.

Now you know much more about the categories of things that may not match the picture in the online store at all. Pay special attention to them if you order anything. Good luck.