Edward Mordrake – The Odd Case Of A Man Born With Two Faces

Edward Mordrake a man who suffers from an unbelievable disorder.

This man was supposed to be born with two faces a rare disorder known as diprosopus. This story of Edward has always been a source of amusement and fascination. And there was something very strange and frightening about his second face.

Face duplicated

The man has an extra nose or ear but it is very rare that the entire face is duplicated. But this rare feature was experienced by Edward when he was first described in the Boston Post in 1895.

Melancholy story

“One of the weirdest, as well as the most melancholy stories of human deformity, is that of Edward Mordake, said to have been heir to one of the noblest peerages in England. He never claimed the title, however, and committed suicide in his twenty-third year. He lived in complete seclusion, refusing the visits even of the members of his own family.” according to Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine

Whispers in his coffin

The doctors advised him to take away his own life. Edward requested to at least get his head removed after he is dead to avoid whispers in his coffin.

Two face

The artist created a wax replica of his face, to give us a realistic view of how Edward Mordrake would have looked with two faces. Mordrake’s condition was obtained from the reports of the “Royal Scientific Society” by writer Charles Latin Hildreth, although it’s unknown if this society ever existed.

”pretty as a dream and ugly as a devil”.

Edward was a maestro in music and a refined scholar. At the back of his head was ahead of adorable girl ”pretty as a dream and ugly as a devil”.

Devil face

Edward begged to get his second face crushed even if he dies because he used to have a sleepless night due to horrible whispers of his evil twin. Edward begged to get his second face crushed even if he dies. Even after careful watching Edward Mordrake consumed poison and died to leave a note behind that the devil face should be destroyed before his burial.

Did he really exist?

Later, inspired by the story of Edward Mordrake movies were made. Like Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, who had Lord Voldemort’s face attached to the back of his own. 

However, there is still doubt that whether Edward Mordrake really existed. But thanks to the developed medical science that it has grown to the extent that if anyone is born with such type of disorder they can be helped with and will not be advised to take their life.

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