Dog “runs away” from home every day after the owner’s death: One day, son follows him

Losing a pet is a big sadness it’s almost the same as losing a family member, and it seems that for pets that lose their owners is kind of the same.

In January 2017 a dog named Cesur lost his 79 years old owner Mehmet Ilhan, to whom he stayed loyal for two years.

The poor canine was heartbroken, Mehmet passed away in a hospital near their home in Bursa, Turkey, after he had been paralyzed from a serious illness for years.

“Because of my father’s paralysis, they had a different kind of connection. When my father was in the hospital during his last days, Cesur stopped eating,” son Ali tells The Dodo.

The loyal dog sat by Mehmets lifeless body the whole time after they brought him from the hospital, the dog simply refused to move.

On the way to the graveyard, the dog led the way and through the whole burial, Cesur sat by the casket with his head bowed down.

“Nobody could touch him until my father was taken to the grave and was buried,” Ali says.


Cesur keeps watching while his owner was lowered in the ground.

Ali took Cesur after his dad died, but it was obvious the sweet dog missed his owner dearly.

Ali learned that Cesur ran from home every day while he was at work.

One day he stayed home, just to follow and see where is Cesur going, Ali discovered that the dog was visiting the graveyard where his owner was buried.


“The people who work in the cemetery say the first thing he does in the morning is visit the grave of my father,” Ali explains.


No one truly knows if the dog will get over his grief soon, but Ali will continue to take care of his dad’s dog.

“Cesur has always been a noble animal. He will live with me from now on,” Ali says.


This is one of the sweetest and saddest stories we have ever read.