Do You Know Which Is Your Birth Flower? Check Out What It Says About Your Personality.

Apart from Gemstones, Zodiac, palmistry and other things which help in determining what kind of characteristics does one possess, each month is associated with a flower type which helps in determining what kind of features and characteristics one does have.

JANUARY- Carnation.

Carnation comes in a number of colors, but pink being the foremost of all. These flowers depict love, affection, fascination and distinction. The people born in January are loyal, humble and affectionate and would go to any length in order to protect them.


This popular flower of the Victorian era, Violet depicts the traits of innocence and modesty. People born in February, are reserved at first but turn out to be the loyal and committed one. They are wise beyond years, are spiritual and have great intuition.

MARCH- Daffodils

These are the flowers that bring luck to a person. A person born in March is artistic, organized and fantastic. With little good luck, they achieve whatever they set their mind to. Being calm and peaceful, they appreciate simple things in life.

APRIL- Daisy

Daisy flowers were exchanged back in time to depict a secret and sacred bond. They are cheerful and adventurous in spirits, such that there is no low moment with them. They are optimistic and impressive such that they are appreciated by people.

MAY- Lily of the Valley

Lily depicts humility and sweetness. People born in May, they are sweet and make people around them feel safe and loved. These people are reliable, practical, ambitious with great problem-solving skills.

JUNE- Rose

Like the name, these flowers are involved in passionate and meaningful relationships. They are sophisticated and hold age-old values but can easily adapt to new situations too.

JULY- Delphinium

This flower depicts positivity, openness, potential and opportunity. They are visionary and over-achiever and would perform anything that might take them to that position. They are charming, witty and great people-person.

AUGUST- Gladiolus

This is the Greek word meaning sword. They are born to be leaders and gain respect easily. They are charming, intellectual, goal-oriented and driven towards their aim.


This star-shaped flower depicts patience, royalty and wisdom. They come off emotional but wear their heart on the sleeves. They are great listeners and always strive for perfection.

OCTOBER- Calendula

Calendula is known for anti-inflammatory, healing, antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Similarly, people born in this month are warm, friendly, peaceful and someone people can rely on for advice and help.

NOVEMBER- Chrysanthemum

This flower depicts cheerfulness, calmness and happiness. People born in November are tough on the exterior but have a gentle soul. Though they might give intense vibes at times, they are honest and protective beyond means.

DECEMBER- Narcissus

This flower blooms at the most wonderful moment of the year. They are strong with immense willpower, influential and are often dependent on logic rather than emotions to depict their course of actions.