Decoding The 12 Most Common Dreams That Are Not That Common

Every dream has a meaning!


Paralysis is a condition where you cannot move when you want! It suggests the same thing in a dream too. Usually, this happens when the REM and waking up stages overlap!


It is the most common dream that people have, it indicates the current situation of your life, if your life is calm, the water will be calm and smooth, while if it is in turmoil, the water will also be wavy!


It indicates your inclination towards getting more knowledge, energy or spiritual learning!


Whenever you see a baby in your dream, it is an indication of new beginnings, be it in love life, career or in anything else!


It has a positive sign when it comes in a dream. It suggests that your struggling period is about to get over!

Being Chased

It suggests that you’re running away from a lot of problems in your life!


This suggests that you’re trying to unleash so many hidden things in yourself and that you want to explore what is unexplored yet! This is also a positive sign because it means you accept yourself the way you are!


If you dream about specific people in your life, it suggests that you miss them dearly or you want to have some of the qualities that these people have!


When you crave for an intimate relationship with your partner, it is at that time, you see certain dreams involving making out!


It is the symbol of controlling your life. While it suggests that everything in your life is beyond your control but nonetheless you enjoy it! When you fly high in your dreams, it suggests you’re already on your success path whereas when you fly low, it suggests that you’re in your struggling phase!


This suggests that you’re going through a test in your life for which you’re not quite prepared.

Falling From A Height

This suggests that your life is not in your control if you’re falling smoothly, it suggests that there is a certain amount of peace in your life!