Comedy Wildlife Photography Contest Names Finalists and Shows Best Shots of 2021

With the onset of autumn, there is a little less sun in our life and a little more sadness. To balance this blues, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards showed all its finalists. Participants compete for the title of the author of the funniest photo, the main character or heroes of which are animals. So get ready for shots of birds, fish, bears and monkeys with a wide variety of facial expressions and fun poses!


Arthur trevino

Communal apartment

Kevin Biskaborn


Jakub Hodan

You go there

Carol taylor

When friends are already tired of dancing, and you are on fire

Sarosh lodhi

No, I’m not offended

Andrew mayes

Synchronous trio

Joshua galicki

Synchronized exiting the water could well become an Olympic sport for animals. We are sure that photographs from such competitions could be no less interesting than photographs from the human Olympics!

One coffee, please

Anita ross

The personification of bewilderment

Dawn wilson


Pumped up sponges

Philipp stahr

Air traffic accident

David Eppley

Now I will sing

Clemence guinard

Who didn’t hide, I’m not to blame

Pal marchhart

Sing along!

Chi han lin

Picked up bad habits from people

Roland Kranitz

Time to go home

Chee kee teo

No, no, don’t get distracted, I’m not drowning at all

Cheryl strahl

Mom, take a picture like I’m riding a giraffe

Dirk Jan Steehouwer

This city needs a new hero

John Speirs

You can see other photographs that became finalists of the competition in 2021 here .