Check How The Life Story OF This 21 Year Old Is Making Everyone Emotional…

If this doesn’t make you emotional and bring tears in your eyes, I don’t know what will…

Tressa Middleton

Life is not easy and all of us know it. But it is specifically very cruel, harsh and unbearably sad for selected a few.

So here you go. This girl was born in extremely poor condition, raped when she was 11, got pregnant and became a mother at 12, got addicted to alcohol and drugs, had to give away her kid and suffer alone. Welcome to the depressing world of Tressa Middleton who also happens to be the youngest Mom in Scotland. 

PS. Be prepared for uncontrollable flow of tears while you read ahead. This is EMOTIONAL and DEPRESSING.

Extreme Poverty And Addiction

Tressa was born in extreme poverty to a homeless mother. She was exposed to alcohol and drugs in a very early age. Since her Mom was homeless, she was sent to care and returned home in Edinburgh when she was 9.

Because of her addiction to alcohol and drugs, she had to be send to care again. In 2005, Tressa at the age of 11 returned to her home. Returning to her home is a decision she would regret for the rest of her life. She was Raped and things just got worse for her from there.

Keep reading ahead to see who raped her and what happened next.

Her Own Brother!

Tressa recalled how her elder sibling could be: “Loving one minute and different the next.” She was raped by Jason, her own brother. She remembers how he took her to a building site and attacked her. Within a minute, everything was different. She wasn’t ready for this, no girl or women in this world is!

She couldn’t find guts to tell her mother the reality. She started observing changes in her body and confided in a friend who bought Tressa a pregnancy test which confirmed her worst fears. She was Pregnant!

Youngest Mom

She decided to keep the kid and raise the baby on her own but because of her economic condition and addiction to alcohol and drugs, she had to eventually give her daughter for adoption. Man, this is depressing. 

It took her so many years to reveal the identity of the father of her kid. Speaking about her heartbreaking ordeal on a television show, Tressa detailed her traumatic days. She also spoke about her new book Tressa: The 12-Year-Old Mum where she poured all the trauma she faced.

An Inspiration

The prologue to her daughter reads: “You are never far away from my thoughts”. She is hopeful that one day, she will be able to meet her daughter.

The brave mother ended her interview by encouraging anyone suffering abuse to come forward. I don’t even know how I am feeling right now. This is just Numbing. We are lucky to have a better lifestyle but my heart goes to this youngest Mom of Scotland who has become an inspiration for women around the world trying to change their lifestyle. 

I’ll pray from the bottom of my heart that she gets to meet her daughter!

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