You Have Been “Evacuating” Badly All Your Life … And You Did Not Even Know It!

We all know very well that during life we ​​learn new things without stopping. Sometimes we do not even realize that something we keep doing since we are born, we do it in an inadequate way. This article is one of those that will provide you with information of this type. It turns out that it is possible to improve even the way to make bigger waters! Once you know the method in question, you will immediately notice a change in your life and in your health. Keep reading to see what it is and how to improve your bowel function.

You have been “evacuating” in the wrong way throughout your life! Even your parents have been doing it wrong! We live in a strange time in the mainstream about raising awareness about pooping. It is no longer a topic that teens laugh at each other and it is just a matter to discuss with their doctors.

People have opinions about their bowel movements, and how those bowel movements might improve.

“Our bodies work better when we evacuate from squatting than when we are sitting,” adds Stanford University floor scientist Pelvic.

The concept of squatting while defecating is not new. In fact, I was quite surprised the first couple of times I saw toilets designed for this purpose during a trip.

At that time, I only considered it an old-fashioned and primitive bathroom, and I could not understand why anyone could use one like that.

In fact, young children often do it naturally when evacuating.
When we are sitting, this curve called the anorectal angle, when bent, presses upward on the rectum and keeps the stool inside. This creates the need to make an effort in order to evacuate.

To get an idea, it would be something similar to a twisted garden hose, it just would not work properly.

With a squatting posture, the curve straightens up and defecation becomes easier. Assuming the squat position is the natural way to achieve the fastest and most complete elimination. Research has shown that in some people, the writhing has completely disappeared, thanks to squatting while evacuating. Everything basically depends on the position you adopt! It is really important!

Currently the way to “evacuate” people is entirely different and wrong! announced by scientists linked to the subject. Below is the proper method.

Inadequate tension by the way you do it from sitting can cause inflammatory bowel disease, hernias, diverticulosis, hemorrhoids and colon cancer!

How were these investigations carried out? Researchers, while investigating in 2003, divided 3 people each with a different position, and studied the experiences these people felt when defecating.

It was investigated based on three different positions

The first subject was seated in a low toilet, a second in a higher toilet, and the third was squatted, and their results were later studied. And then the subjects were able to evacuate. The results were quite clear with a significant difference, the squat position was undoubtedly the best.

Now that you know how to go properly body, you may want to make this particular product that looks perfectly good in your bathroom.

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