Captivating Ads with a Street Photography Vibe: A Fusion of Creativity and Concept

Crafting an advertisement is often considered more intricate than directing a feature film. It requires crispy and clever ideas that instantly captivate consumers, leaving them in awe or subtly etching the product’s name into their subconscious. Simplicity blended with concepts that resonate with consumers and align with a broader theory can elevate a campaign, making it both majestic and intriguing. In this curated collection, we’ve singled out some of the most exceptional print advertisements, boasting thunderous concepts that not only inspire but also serve as a wellspring of photography inspiration.

What ties these images together is the essence of street photography. Unlike commercials confined to studios, these ads break free from closed arenas. With no trained actors, the brilliance lies in the concept itself, paired with skilful direction, making them spectacular to admire—and undoubtedly contributing to the success of the promoted products. The aroma of the streets, coupled with a unique blend of rigidity and ordinariness, infused with ingenious concepts, renders these ads a triumph.

Nike – Just Do It

Creative Ad by: Sharad Haskar


Creative Ad by: Sharad Haskar


Creative Ad by: Sharad Haskar

Bose – 1000W

Creative Ad by: Sharad Haskar

Killer Jeans

Creative Ad by: Sharad Haskar

Fevicol Adhesive Ads

Royal Enfield Bullet: “Everybody makes way for the Bullet”


Creative Ad by: Sharad Haskar

Times Classifieds: Visual Classifieds

Advertising Agency: Taproot, Mumbai, India

Bank of Scotland Ad

Creative Ad by: Matt Stuart
Creative Ad by: Matt Stuart

Nestle / PowerBar – Increase your performance

Creative Ad by: Matt Stuart

Union Bank of India – Your dreams are not yours alone

Reforma. Unfiltered News

Creative Ad by: Matt Stuart

Liking isn’t helping

Lego: Builders of tomorrow

Based on the original photograph titled ‘Lunch Atop a Skyscraper’ by Charles Ebbets, 1932

Britain’s Forgotten Children

Parachute Oil – Strengthens Hair

Incredible India – Celebrate Holi

Photo By: Poras Chaudhary