Can You Guess This Man’s Real Age? It Doesn’t Seem What It Is!

There are many people on social media who became famous just with their stunning looks and no doubt whether they are young or old because in this century women still want old man who may look 20 but they are 65 years old but here the story is different and you will be left stunned to know the reality of this man who looks handsome with his white beard and white hair, so lets have a look into it.

Handsome Hunk

Age is just a number and after looking at this man we are pretty sure age will make you look older but not your physics that just decrease your age with your looks. If your fitness and looks make you look young at your old age then you have perhaps mastered the art of living.

Defying Age

Well, there are many celebs who are just defying their age but to add one more on the list is this handsome hunk who is stealing every girl’s heart with his finesse looks and guys are jealous over him as he looks too handsome for his age.

Pawel Ladziak

We have you with the story of a handsome hunk who looks eye droppingly amazing and all the women are swooning and drooling for him. Well, can you guess the age of this man? He is famously known as the Polish Viking and you must be wondering about this man who looks above 60 years old but you will be surprised to know that he is just 36 years old.


Pawel may look 36 years old but with his fascination of coloring his hair white and even getting his beard white, he looks old where people assume that he is 60 years old but he is 36 years and yet women still want him.

Disguising As Old

Well, it’s his new trick to disguise himself as old so that people would think he is old and in this way people would start noticing him and guess what he literally got fame with his physics and his looks.

Strange Things For Fame

He literally did stun us with his old guy looking handsome looks and we are not complaining as there are people who always do strange things to get instant fame on social media and the pursuit of being famous is by doing weird things to get people’s attention and this guy literally stole that gaze from everyone by disguising himself as old and but he is young.