Brilliant Cosplayer From Bangkok Creates Costumes on a Budget That Are Hilariously And Perfect

Introducing a young Bangkok cosplayer named Anucha Saenchart. This guy distinguished himself with the ability to repeat any character from available means with minimal cost. When the rest of the cosplayers sew expensive clothes and repeat every detail with precision, Anucha takes the scotch tape and creates a chic costume. Photos of his work can be found on his Instagram page, which is called: ” Lowcost cosplay” (lowcost_cosplay). He proved to everyone that a lack of finance is not a reason to give up what you love, you just need to turn on your imagination and look around.

Saengchart demonstrates his transformations on his extremely popular Facebook page. In three panels, he shows both the preparations and the final result. His costumes often start with everyday material like packing tape, cotton swabs, or fruit, and he then uses body painting techniques and photographic illusions to become a certain character. Of course, we can see they don’t quite achieve an exact likeness, but that’s all part of the fun of Low-Cost Cosplay.