Best Design Art of 2020 – Pink Swing at the Mexican-American Border

In 2019, an amazing piece of art was installed between the vertical slats of the metal fence separating Mexico and the United States: a set of swing-balancers.

This event became an unexpected act, symbolizing the mutual attraction of peoples and the unity of people. Dubbed the Teetertotter Wall, the project features thin beams painted in hot pink, balancing in the openings of a metal fence installed at the border. People on both sides of this fence can enjoy riding together on such a swing, and at the same time meeting and getting to know each other.

The temporary structure gained a lot of attention right after its opening, when many people began to visit the “attraction”, and recently the Teetertotter Wall was again in the spotlight due to the fact that it was awarded the London Museum of the best design work 2020. In addition to the main prize of the competition, this property also won first prize in the vehicle category.

The Teetertotter Wall has been designed over a decade by UC Berkeley professor of architecture Ronald Rael and San Jose assistant professor of design Virginia San Fratello. “Our ‘wall’ has literally become the epicenter of Mexican-American relations,” wrote Professor Rael at the time. direct consequences on the other side of the fence. “

The Teetertotter Wall won a tough competition with seventy nominees for the London Museum competition. Other nominations included Banksy’s Stab Vest, as well as stunning backdrop for the 2019 Oscar-winning film Parasites.

“We were just blown away by this unexpected honor, which we are happy to share with the art group from Juarez,“ Colectivo Chopeke, ”Rael said in an interview when asked about winning the competition. “Most importantly, this is happening now that we hope for change and start building more bridges instead of walls.”