Before And After Adoption 7 Eloquent Photos Of Children

To date, the number of orphans in Russia has decreased to 42,000. This affects the state support measures for young parents and foster families. However, 42,000 is also a lot…

Photos speak most eloquently of how children change after adoption. It is both joyful and painful at the same time to look at two photographs of one child. The pre-adoption picture speaks for itself.

The kids look at the camera in disbelief. Sometimes despair is read in their eyes: after all, every day they wake up in the hope of meeting their mother and finally finding a home.

Married couples come and choose them, like at a casting. And here again, failure – some uncles came, took a picture, and left again.

You won’t wish the feelings that overwhelm abandoned babies on your enemy.

And although the employees of orphanages are trying to make the life of their wards better, this does not negate the well-known fact. Each child there can be compared to a wolf cub, who alone is forced to fight for survival.

The look of a little pupil of the orphanage, directed at the camera lens, is eloquent. The baby must be protected from the effects of the external environment. After all, in his life, there is no mother who will warm, caress and save him from all misfortunes.

Fortunately, everything changes when children find their own home: parents, brothers, and sisters. Yes, the former pupils of shelters are now beautifully dressed and well-groomed. Their houses are full of toys and sweets. But this is by no means the main thing in life because they all found love. Therefore, their eyes glow with happiness, and the smile does not leave their faces.

It’s probably right that abandoned children are photographed. After all, someone’s kind heart will certainly respond to a plea for help.