Lion, Bear And Tiger Brothers Haven’t Left Each Other’s Side For 15 Years

The Friendship between different types of animals is not uncommon, so dogs and elephants, cats and foxes, giraffes and ostriches can be encountered together, but in this story, we will introduce you to the fraternal company of bears, lions, and tigers. This is a company of unlikely friends – an American black bear, a Bengal tiger and an African lion characterized by impeccable harmony. This unusual friendship is indeed rare because they are coming from three different continents, such animals would never meet each other in the wild, but this is an example that they can live together. 

The Baloo bear, the tiger Shere Khan, and the lion Leo have spent the last 15 years living peacefully together in Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter in Georgia. These three lovely animals were rescued in 2001 from the basement of an Atlanta home during a police raid on drugs, and are now known as BLT. They were kept in the basement in terrible conditions and Baloo had to undergo surgery to remove an ingrowing harness that had not been adjusted when he was growing up. They were rescued from a serious case of animal abuse. 

They were too injured to be rehabilitated and returned to the wild, but by the looks of things they’re more than happy to live together at the sanctuary! 

From then until today, only while Baloo was in surgery, they were separated, while they spent the rest of their happy days together. 

The fact that they started life in a very strange way and comes from three different countries does not bother them now living together in a happy retirement