Artist Captures The Amusing Illustration Of The Happiest Moments In A Relationship

Love is blind, indeed! But true love is rare and couples who find it are the luckiest person in the world. Brazilian artist Crislane Passoss wanted to showcase love moments in her artwork, so she created max and Julia . The relationship illustrations which showcases love, fights, caring, understanding and many more.

So the curious one

Most probably guys want to know what their girlfriend are dreaming about .. they think that if they are really into love, their girlfriend would probably be dreaming about them.

The most caring one

As illustrated in the pictures it showcases that not only caring but always surprise your girlfriend with unexpected gifts, which most probably make the win win situation.

The most go to go one

Even though we love our significant other, we rather find our partner our only tourist guide and our only friend.

The foregtful one

Love indeed is blind and we tend to forget and do anything to get their attention …. women does need attention.

The irritating one

We surely love to irritate the one who we love the most, because only these fights can make most of the moments.

The bodyguard one

Even though they don’t like to be called our bodyguards but they do care about our security, also they had to carry our bag to show their love for us.

The console one

Mostly , we want our partners to share everything even though we had to forcefully watch football match or a movie they will be with us to irritate and also to console us.

The sharing one

Sharing is must in every relationship even though we had to share our bedroom, cupboard or food… because sharing can increase your love for partner.

The needy one

When in need you always tend to call your partners because they are your stress-buster, only your partner can understand your feelings and problems. We need someone to hug us tightly when in doubt .

The husband material

We girls do need someone who can do anything for us , like cooking and doing our chores so to relieve our stress in work .After coming home we need someone to take care of us and pamper us.