Archaeologists Rescue 2000-Year-Old Mosaics. They Managed To Save Them Before A Flood

A discovery that certainly cannot go unnoticed.

These fascinating discoveries can be seen thanks to the fact that a team of archaeologists, in the Turkish city of Zeugma, found a real treasure. They have given us the opportunity to witness the unveiling of Greek and Roman art , which has not been seen in thousands of years.

The site came to the attention of the international archaeological community when it was threatened by floods caused by the construction of a nearby dam in southern Turkey in 2000 . When a team of archaeologists led by Professor Kutalmış Görkay from the University of Ankara began excavating, they found impressive and well-preserved mosaic glass, very rich in color.

The mosaics were used in the homes of wealthy people, decorated with characters from Greek mythology . “They had a figment of the patron’s imagination, it was not like simply choosing from a catalog,” said Professor Kutalmış Görkay of

“They thought of specific scenes, in order to make an accurate impression . For example, if you had the intellectual level to talk about literature, then it is possible to select a scene of three muses.

The Greeks called the city ” Seleucia ” when they founded it in the 3rd century BC. But the Romans held the city until AD 253, when the Persians decided to take the city to rule.

The one in the photo is Poseidon , the god of the sea in his war chariot.

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