An Italian In Funny Drawings Creatively Indulges In Food And His Work Is Liked By Connoisseurs Of Positive Humor

Massimo Fenati is very fond of delicious food. He is Italian, and they, you know, are famous cooks. In his free time from other things, our hero loves to bake all kinds of yummy. Well, it somehow happened that the artist began to draw funny situations around his pastries and other popular food products. At first glance, the idea is strange, but it works! Today, Fenati has 25 thousand followers on Instagram alone, and recently he even got on the cover of an Italian culinary magazine.

So that’s how pancakes should be used!

We all heard in childhood: “Don’t mess with food!” Massimo is sure to break this rule and his cartoon jokes go around the net like hot cakes, like ice cream on a hot day, likeā€¦ well, you get the idea. At the same time, one must understand that this is just a hobby, and the Italians earn a living differently. When you’re 50, it’s important to have a stable source of income. Especially if you live in such an expensive city as London.

Massimo constantly finds new uses for baking in his drawings.
Even the artist is not indifferent to pasta.

Yes, that’s right: Massimo Fenati was born in Genoa, trained as an architect, and in 1995 moved to the UK. Today he has dual citizenship. At first, he worked as a designer in an agency, creating furniture and designing various products, but then he opened his own studio. He is known to the world as the author of a comic book series about two penguins in love. His books have been translated into several languages. Fenati also made intros and animations for television, collaborating with the BBC, Channel 4, and other channels.

Sketch from Russia?
When you delay cooking, and the whole family is rushing to the kitchen.

With age, the Italian began to devote more and more time to his love of cooking and baking. He cooks well, although, of course, he is usually modest and assures that all this is nothing. Especially for readers of “Super!” I selected the new, popular, and funniest works of the artist. Yes, they may not cause Homeric laughter, but the situations are shown funny, and everything is done creatively and leave a pleasant impression. Look!

Here, I did not even immediately understand what was happening. And then it dawned on the drama unfoldingā€¦

Fenati easily notices food in everyday situations.

Who is there?!

I thought the girl was throwing a coin into the well but looked closer – a ring! Goodbye love!

I love these kinds of cakes.

When I’m getting ready for work and choosing which of two almost identical shirts to wear.

Well, that’s the end of the story.

Massimo Fenati online: official website , Instagram