An Elephant Wandered Into A Garden In Thailand But Met An Unexpectedly Serious Guard There

In each country, different animals can come to your yard. Somewhere it is foxes and wolves, somewhere wild cats, and in Thailand, elephants can visit people. Moreover, many Thais are already accustomed to such a neighborhood, so they only take pictures of the animal from afar and do not dare to anger it. But recently in the province of Nakhon Nayok, a daredevil was found who decided to drive out the intruder. And this brave man was extremely fluffy.

In Thailand, an elephant climbed into the yard of people but was rebuffed there. The guard turned out to be extremely harsh and fluffy

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An elephant that came to visit people turned out to be familiar to them

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The locals know the elephant named Pai Salik, according to Unilad. He, like other elephants, comes to people’s plots or to their garden to find something tasty there. But this time, the animal clearly wandered into the wrong area, because a cat stood in its way.

A cat named Simba went to the troublemaker, and he chickened out (even despite the difference in size)

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The 3-year-old cat with the imposing name Simba scared off the elephant, which immediately turned around and walked back. Still, if the same cat was walking at you, you would probably be carried away from there at supersonic speed.

According to the owner of the cat, he does not like strangers and jealously guards his territory. That is why he so quickly dealt with the intruder, and Simba was not embarrassed by his size.

Will the elephant dare to return to this garden? Most likely no. We definitely wouldn’t piss off Simba again!